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St. Mary's Café and Convenience Store

Thursdays at the Grind photo ©Rowan Copley





Phone: 240-895-4325

Café Semester Hours:
Mon-Fri: 730am-midnight
Sat: 10am-midnight
Sun: 10am-midnight

Located in the Campus Center right next to the Campus Store, the Daily Grind is available for your everyday convenience needs, from your weekly groceries, to that midday craving, to those late night snacks - it's also a great place to hang out, listen to some good music, and relax with some fantastic people!

Due to the success of Equal Exchange coffees previously at the Green Bean, along with your feedback from our survey, we have decided to transition from Starbucks Coffee and bring Equal Exchange to the Daily Grind. While Starbucks has been a leader in corporate social and environmental responsibility, we feel that a relationship with Equal Exchange better aligns our purchasing decisions with the College's mission of becoming a leader in sustainability in higher education.

By offering a variety of organic and fair trade coffees, this change of vendors supports the College's stated mission of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. In addition, Equal Exchange coffees are ground in the store before brewing, thus providing the freshest brewed coffee that we can to our customers.

We proudly serve:

  • freshly ground and brewed Equal Exchange Coffee
  • made to order Espresso drinks, hot or on the rocks
  • delicious Freshëns Smoothies
  • our very own signature drinks, including: the Screaming Seahawk, the Monty Merrymaker, & the St. John's Symphony